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Winning at Slacking (Week 18 & 19)

Winning at Slacking (Week 18 & 19)


I’m two weeks behind on organizing baby photos and anecdotes telling of your cuteness. Business and vacation and spit-up have kept me busy.

Quotations of the two weeks:

Mommy: Will you pick my wedgie? I’m holding Baby.

Daddy: Absolutely.

Mommy: No, not like that! Your hand does not have to go there.

Daddy: What? How do you pick a wedgie?



Daddy: Seriously. Are you one to shove it farther into Wedgieville and then extract it straight out? Or do you do like I do and go from the side and graze the–

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

“Change the channel! Little Man does not need to watch this!”

“What? Why? It’s just Shooter.”


Mention-worthy milestones:

  • You sat up on your own once!
  • You are all about rolling over.
  • Sitting on somebody’s lap? You reach for the floor, wanting to crawl.
  • You crawl. . . . Sort of. Your legs are ridiculously beefy cute and strong: They kick you forward while your arms disappear to your sides so that you look like a baby seal . . . who steers with his head. Trying to ensure that there’s no rug burn on baby’s forehead: full-time job.
  • You’ve had some peaceful car rides!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • You’ve screamed TORTURE TORTURE TORTURE on many car rides.
  • Mommy let somebody besides Daddy sing and dance and play with you for a couple hours while she slept in one day. Okay, so it was Grandma, but still. Step up in Mission: Trusting Others.
cute baby

Baby is sound asleep at 3 AM, Mommy is not. True story every night.

baby sit

Chilling on the bed, playing with rattles while Mommy tinkered with her phone. Then, all of a sudden, wth–you’re supporting yourself! GET THE CAMERA, MOM!




You seemed to like the red and white contrast of the umbrella Mommy held over your head during a walk around the lake


How many fingers can a baby chew on? Er, a better question, how many fists?


Keeping your head up. For four miles. You were comfy, at least!

happy baby

pretty eyes

sleepy baby

Mini Daddy


If in deep sleep, this is fine. But active/REM sleep? Oh no. No oh no. The arms must go in. Then you get them out so Mommy can put them back in and the cycle repeats until we’re back in deep sleep.


the road leading to our lake begins!


baby learning

healthy baby

cruelty-free makeup

your first fourth of July

your first fourth of July

healthy family

Get him

happy baby

healthy pregnancy healthy baby

strong baby



baby sleeps well


you switched your rattle from one hand to the other and back

Mommy and her mommy friends. Some of them. I do have more than three friends, believe it or not.

Mommy and her mommy friends.


on 'vacation,' which, with Little Man, consisted of trekking to Gma's and Gpa's and staying one night at a hotel at Lake of the Ozarks.

on ‘vacation,’ which, with Little Man, consisted of trekking to Gma’s and Gpa’s and staying one night at a hotel at Lake of the Ozarks. You slept the whole morning on our drive to the lake–yesss!

Tough guy

Tough guy

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