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People Know Everything (Week 16)

People Know Everything (Week 16)


I have a friend. Believe it.

Maybe I have a couple, if you count those of blood relation. (Please do, please.) Anyhow. I’ve gotten some resounding unasked-for advice lately from friends and blood-that-counts-as-friends-because-I-need-a-bigger-friends-list that goes as follows–

–stop cussing;

–chill out;



and some more, but let’s put the spotlight back on you, Little Man, with advice directed at muah as it pertains to your cute self:

–let others hold him;

–let others kiss him;

–oh, chill. That woman with the cough isn’t contagious. Sure you don’t know her from Eve, but let her hold him by God have a generous heart;

–get some antibiotic for his eye. I don’t think your doctor is right about it being a tear-duct thing. Antibiotics are the way to go;

–take him out more; he doesn’t like cars because you’re not socializing him enough;

–let him get frustrated. He’s got to learn (mentally jap-slapping ‘em–no worries, Little Man);

–go places without Little Man. No, sustaining his life with your cleavage is not an excuse for his constant companionship;


–don’t let him turn out like you.

It could be worse, right?

This week in bullet points:

  • You’re trying desperately hard to sit up on your own. I think we’re still a ways away, but your determination is unmatched by any other mini human, in my very biased opinion.
  • You fold your hands in precious little ¬†prayer. And then stuff both fists into your mouth and dribble gallons of drool whilst grrring and shrilling.
  • When I put you down to change ¬†your diaper, you do a few things: (1) ‘Talk’; (2) arch your back and fuss about your body’s inability to do the Olympic-worthy back-bend your mind is clearly envisioning; (3) attempt to shatter the windows with you scream. Yes, it’s coming from you, you amazing thing, you! Oh, and we can’t forget (4), which occurs the moment your butt is wiped clean: pee.
  • Car rides? The Happy Baby is far, far away. Uncle, Aunt, and Cousin met us where Daddy works so that we could trek to our hometown together to celebrate Auntie’s and my birthday. You let everybody know–with the promise of never ever forgetting–how loud a 15-pound baby boy can be. The entire way. Which was two and a half hours.

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