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Mom, Craigslist, Shirtless Sorority Girl, and Naughty Therapist . . . You Know You’re Reading This (Week 10)

Mom, Craigslist, Shirtless Sorority Girl, and Naughty Therapist . . . You Know You're Reading This (Week 10)


To say that I once bought something off Craigslist is like saying my baby once went poop. Craigslist? Minus the killer dude and weird missed connections and shady stuff that goes unmentioned, I love you. Seriously love you. And the 4904 pieces of furniture I’ve bought from you with Pinteresting intentions, including the filing cabinet from the therapist’s office with a folder with a sorority sister’s woes:

– The client has compunctions about her taking her top off on spring break in exchange for a Gone Wild tank top;

– [her name] is worried that her father isn’t going to pay for her totaled H3;

– she is upset that her step-mother is upset about her surgery.

. . .

Well, I can’t entirely relate to such an intriguing list of life going-wrongs, but I can relate to the being-topless a lot thing. And, like the therapist who sort of breached the therapist-patient confidentiality thing by selling me a cabinet with Sorority Sister’s unparalleled hardships, I’m just going to list three things about this week out.

  • You giggled in your sleep.
  • We went on a lot of walks. Well, you ran. Or had the runs. Mommy and Daddy walked. Not mentioning the state of their bowels.
  • Your great-grandpa has cancer. We’re waiting to hear more. Playing with you and praying a lot and playing and praying and playing and praying. 

BTW: I’m thinking about writing a book with a plot that closely parallels the twenty-some pages of notes I found in the therapist’s filing cabinet. Thataway the gal can read the what’s going to be a best-seller, no doubt, and really need a therapist.

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