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All-Knowing Mini People, Big Alients, Pinterest, and Salvation (Week 4)



Today you had less to say fuss-wise today than did our three-legged Chihuahua who was unhappy that none of his canine companions or Thor Cat would let him dominate them, which might not properly convey the compliment I’m paying you and the hair you’re saving me, as Chihuahua lets old lady shrills that could bust bullet-proof glass out of his seven-pound, three-legged frame. He likes to look at you, too, probably because I set you on “his” blanket here, which he does not dominate, in case you’re wondering.

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The Happiest Baby on the Block. Er, in the Sticks.

soothe happy calm baby

Firstly: I chose this book—it was not sent to me free of charge with the sweet promise of making money if I review it (although, if your product is the next Snuggie, calorie-free ice cream, or alien detection kit that will confirm what I think about a former coworker, I’m not offset by the idea, manufacturers, not offset)—and therefore I’m reviewing it because I have a positive bias and believe you will, too. But, yeah, I do get a commission if you purchase this arsenal of life-saving tips that will get you sleep and sanity. Which, like, totally means we both win.

Mixed emotions come with the knowledge that you’re about to become a parent. A cup of OMG, a tablespoon of OH NO, a dash of WHYYYY MEEEE, and a hint of HOW MIRACULOUS cocktailed my outstandingly wretched pregnant person. Family was telling me I’d learn along the way, to chill, that I didn’t have to be an expert in a day.

But, because it’s what I do best, I set the bar high so I can beat myself up after the long fall.Read more »

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How to Swaddle Your Baby: Baby Striaghtjackets Keep You Sane. Ish.


Do yourself and Baby a favor: perform a good swaddle. Extend Baby’s comfy uterus experience by providing the security he felt while in the womb, a phenomenon highlighted in life-saving (okay, not literally. Or is it?) The Happiest Baby on the Block. Here’s a little how-to:

Baby’s fed? Diaper changed? Swaddled? Get some sleep.

Make my transition from the womb easier!

That is one happy American baby swaddle. What are some swaddling techniques you use?

We HIGHLY recommend The Happiest Baby on the Block:

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