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It’s a Great Day to Be a Baby

sweet baby

I was livin’ in a gooey bodily cave,

Popped out and made everybody rave,

And it’s a goofy thing but I just gotta say,

Hey, I’m doing all right.

Yeah, I think I’ll make me a world-class poop;

Feelin’ pretty poopy and that’s the truth.

It’s entirely milk-induced.

Yeah, I’m doin’ all right.Read more »

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Oh, Hai, Ku!

cute baby

Scary perfect change

Mom: Tired, happy love slave

Beyond paid: Your grin

OK, Bye, Ku!

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Here’s Your Boob

hospital birth

I used to think

They were for show

Like, Heyyy, boys, lookie here,

You can look but never know.

Victoria’s Secret

Used to know me by name.

And the images I sent Husband?Read more »

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