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People Know Everything (Week 16)



I have a friend. Believe it.

Maybe I have a couple, if you count those of blood relation. (Please do, please.) Anyhow. I’ve gotten some resounding unasked-for advice lately from friends and blood-that-counts-as-friends-because-I-need-a-bigger-friends-list that goes as follows–

–stop cussing;

–chill out;


–SHOWER;Read more »

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Brilliance Abounds (Week 15)



Brilliance from this week:

“Hubs . . . I have an idea.”

“That’s dangerous.”


“Don’t bite my butt while I’m swaddling him!”Read more »

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Yeah Nobody Told Me About This Crap (Week 13)



In effort to help other moms and the future mom-again in me (gulp/forehead smack/resigned sigh–not because of your perfection being absolutely unbeatable but because the natural labor is still so palpable in my mind, Little Man.), here are some things I believe that don’t get told to new moms, either out of ignorance, forgetfulness, or good manners. Or, perhaps out of my so-told lack of the latter, I simply don’t recall being told.

But first let me jot down some facts about this week, Little Man:

  • Your bowel movements have suddenly gone from an average of about 94082 a day to……………………………1.Read more »
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