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OMG. You’re SUCH a good listener. To yourself.


Are you a good listener? (YES DUH. What did you ask again?) Most of us would automatically  answer yes. Probably before the questions was finished–am I right or am I right?

Here’s what I think truly goes on in most “listening” minds. You are-

–anticipating what the other person will say next;

–conjuring the sheer brilliance, no doubt, you’ll soon blessedly bestow upon the person currently moving their lips,

–sometimes even while the other person is talking, because you’re soooooo right in what you’re saying;

–hear a voice forming some words, so you throw out some sagacious, emphatic uh-huh’s and oh really‘s, even varying your tone a bit and making occasional eye contact, you kind, epic thing, you!Read more »

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