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Mineral Makeup for Mommies and Everyone Else. Sure, That Guy, Too, Why Not.

Mineral Makeup for Mommies and Everyone Else. Sure, That Guy, Too, Why Not.
mineral makeup no mica

Something is in the cornbread in the heartland.

THIS POST IS ABOUT MINERAL MAKEUP, EPIC MINERAL BEAUTY, SPECIFICALLY, AND ITS EPICNESS, SUCH AS BY OFFERING MICA- AND TITANIUM DIOXIDE-FREE MINERAL MAKEUP. I’m going to preface with all those key words because I’m about to talk about one’s ankles and calves merging unattractively into one, and I don’t want to confuse the webcrawlers with a tangent topic sentence:

I’m about as afraid of donning the infamous mom jeans as I am waking up one morning with cankles.

And it just might happen: Retrospect reveals all sorts of I-thought-it-looked-good-at-the-time’s. I mean, it just sort of happened that once upon a time I thought jean underwear the way to go, that a face painted ten shades too oompa loompa uber sexy, that not brushing my hair for a solid month wouldn’t produce a squirrel’s nest of dreadlocks. And know what? I had those–cankles. About every day throughout pregnancy. And now, when I look down to the peanut butter cereal I dropped on the floor and have yet to pick up because I–crap, I can’t use that big belly excuse anymore–I’m still staring at ankles with a circumference that closely parallels that of my neck.

But that’s k. All of that is a-okay:


I’ll tell you after you watch this video where I’m uncharacteristically smiley:

Because I switched to Geico.

Nah. Oh-so-humble truth? My skin looks GREAT because–

(1) I showered last night. Sound the trumpets.

(2) I’m avoiding paraben-, preservative-, petroleum-, bismuth-, bunch-o’-crap-infested makeup.

I’m EPIC because I use Epic Mineral Beauty.

(Lame? Trying too hard there? It stays.)

Probably because I’m biased and co-own the line with my co-sometimes-operative twin, Zeke, but let’s focus on the meaty stuff.

Crap gets through our skin.

Every time Little Man pees on me, I, like, seriously consider showering because human waste ought not be absorbed into Mommy’s system. Every time I pass the makeup aisle at Hell Hole or see that one really popular mineral brand Google keeps ad-harassing me with, I turn away, consider showering again. Would you knowingly slather toxins on your skin if you knew that over sixty percent of them would get absorbed? With cancer rampant in our society, we should all be actively trying to avoid triggers.

And hold up–did you catch me bashing big mineral makeup lines? You did? You close reader, you. Now read on.

Not ALL mineral makeup lines are jerks, but some are.

Bismuth oxychloride pops up in a slew of big names. Bismuth is arsenic’s first cousin, bff, stalker, something like that. Arsenic–yeah, said it, meant it, not joking. Gross. And what about nanoparticles? Sorry, I’ll stop with the jargon; I just wanted to sound smart for a sec. Itty bitty particles can spread wonderfully over our skin, achieving great coverage, true. BUT. Itty bitty particles easily go into our systems and can ALTER OUR DNA.



Is it echoing in here, or is it just me?

Studies in which subjects applied products with microfine (nano-) particles versus regular particles show that, after two to four weeks, skin does in fact absorb the nanoparticles, that “they can penetrate the cells, leading to photocatalysis within the cell, causing DNA damage after exposure to sunlight (Powell, et. al 1996).”

Makeup, in general, needs to be without all this commonly found-in-makeup crap:

Parabens, GMOs, triclosan and triclocarban, triethanolamine (TEA), SPFs, sodium lauryl and laureth sulfate, coal tar, artificial fragrances, artificial anythings, petroleum-based ingredients, synthetic preservatives, synthetic colors, benzoic acide, dimethicone, methicone, propylene glycol, animal testing . . .

Beyond that, MINERAL makeup needs to be PURELY HEALTHY MINERALS, so we shouldn’t see this in mineral makeup:

Bismuth oxychloride, talc, cornstarch/zea mays (can make skin itch), animal testing . . .

Epic Mineral Beauty takes it even a step further, providing mica- and titanium dioxide-free products.

Mica, which offers up so many beautiful, shimmery colors that rainbows turn green, can bother skin. Not all, but some people find it highly irritating. Similarly  some are affected adversely by titanium dioxide, which is almost ALWAYS in mineral makeup. But it might be dangerous, and might be is enough to get me wanting something else.*

*Just don’t tell me there *might be* an unhealthy amount of sugar and fat in even organic mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Epic Mineral Beauty is also–



–CRUELTY-FREE, and we mean that full-scale. Some companies claim that they don’t test on animals. Great. But are the individual ingredients they use in their products tested on animals? Epic Mineral Beauty sources only from suppliers who do not test individual ingredients on animals. FYI? Even makeup brushes made with animal hair involve cruelty. In the case of brushes, do buy synthetic. (Do you love animals, too? Sometimes even more than people? Let’s be fast friends, starting with Facebook, pretty please? Read more about our penchant for taking in every able-bodied and otherwise-bodied animal in need of a home in our About section.)

–for all skin types–especially our mica-free options.

–learn more at epicmineralbeauty.com!

Whether you’re preggo, trying for better health, all for the animals, or not even a huge makeup person, contact us with any questions and please stalk us online. Now, let me ask: Are you EPIC?

(How was that? Did that work, that do it for you?)

BY JUNE 2013, EPIC MINERAL BEAUTY‘S WEBSITE WILL BE OVERHAULED AND OUR PRODUCTS ALL BE MICA- AND TITANIUM DIOXIDE-FREE Shimmery eyeshadows and our popular liquid foundation, which both contain mica, will still be available here.


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  1. Lori Richardson says:

    Epic…..love Epic….and I’m using up my current mineral foundation so I can(FINALLY) switch over to ….you guessed it….EPIC!

  2. Well. Said.

    I’ve been slowly-but-surely transitioning to a natural health and beauty (and food and, well, practically everything) lifestyle, and being the born researcher that I am, I couldn’t just let it pass when I noticed that most of the so-called “natural” companies I was starting to endorse had nano-particles and so many other questionable ingredients!

    I discovered you guys today, and you better believe I’ll be placing a sample order, soon. Thanks for being, well, epic!

  3. I have tried mineral makeup and haven’t been completely satisfied. After becoming a mom, I realized how umportant it is to limit the amount of chemicals I expose my baby, as well as my husband and myself, to. I am excited to try this makeup and support a local business.

  4. Epic needs to get their info on Skin Deep on the Environmental Working Group’s site that way even more people can hear about the mica-free line!!!

  5. AWESOME, guys! Thank you for the support and knowledge! Isn’t it crazy how things can be labeled “natural” just as a marketing tactic? And how ‘healthy’ mineral lines can contain nanoparticles? Titanium dioxide is all the more dangerous–knowingly dangerous–when it’s in nano form.

  6. michelle says:

    Hi there,

    Love your blog and beliefs on makeup…I’m in the process of overhauling my life. Lol. Keep up the good work:)

  7. Love your makeup trends. I am trying to make a change and reduce the chemicals I use on my body as well as ingest. Your make-up looks right up my alley. Thanks!!!

  8. I like that you all offer samples. I want to find the perfect shade before I pay more for mineral makeup. But I do think it’s worth it to pay more for mineral makeup than to use the toxic stuff sold elsewhere. Nice job Epic!!!

  9. Adrienne says:

    Epic needs to come out with more color shades so people of darker skin tones can enjoy their line as well!!

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