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A Quarter of a Year Gone: Taxes and a Blog Post Due.



Well, Little Man, as your nap times have significantly decreased and your desire to run a marathon has multiplied by, like, a gazillion–and mommy’s sales have multiplied by, well, not a gazillion, but close . . . . ish–we’ve been busy-busy and kickin’-kickin’. My point is this:

You’re a doll,

Mommy doesn’t sleep (albeit you? Ten to twelve hours per night),

blogging about your cuteness is going to have to occur only once a month.

Photos of you are still in full-forever-swing, no worries. My poor Facebook friends.

A quick list of milestones this past (fourth) month:Read more »

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Winning at Slacking (Week 18 & 19)



I’m two weeks behind on organizing baby photos and anecdotes telling of your cuteness. Business and vacation and spit-up have kept me busy.

Quotations of the two weeks:

Mommy: Will you pick my wedgie? I’m holding Baby.

Daddy: Absolutely.

Mommy: No, not like that! Your hand does not have to go there.

Daddy: What? How do you pick a wedgie?Read more »

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Poopfest! (Week 17)



I need to dispel some crappy truth before I sum up the week, Little Man. This story here was the highlight–I’m thinking yellow, a dirty yellow–of the week:

I’ve told undoubtedly enraptured readers about your crapping a mere once a day because your digestive system is rather normalized, more big-person status. Sure you’re proud of my broadcasting that. But anyway. With this, I anticipate a sizable puddle of yellow in one, maybe two, diapers each day (you still pee in them about eight times a day, out of them about half that frequency). Usually the crapping occurs between 1 PM and 6 PM, and the other day when I heard your belly gurgling post-suckling session, I was on it. You were on the changing pad, butt clean, so I expertly scooted a diaper under your bum, and BOOM.

Or however a fart sounds.Read more »

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