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Bloggers. That Are Moms. Yeah, Mom Bloggers, Said It.

Or something close. The only label we have for ‘em?


Time well wasted.

You might actually learn something, maybe about home aesthetics and YELL CAPS (Dooce), the beauty of no filter (Brittany, Herself), and stuffed rodents on eBay (The Bloggess). In no particular order other than how they’re popping into our mind (that’s how I typed it–it stays–one collective mind, a division of brain cells between these here twinks), which might or might not speak for the salience of their overall content or at least last post, so probably the top ones are the most apt to talk about that which we ought not talk about? (Like I said: AWESOME.) Probably the ones more toward the end are our more practical, DIY, helpful gals? Unless I’m pulling one over on you. Just see for yourself.

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Pie . . .


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  1. Jenny Lawson! Her book is phenomenal. Especially Jenkins. Hilarious doesn’t even begin to cover it.

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