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Bear Claws, Jimmy Kimmel, and Our First Cousin. Who Is NOT Incest.

Bear Claws, Jimmy Kimmel, and Our First Cousin. Who Is NOT Incest.

comedyWasn’t going to post today . . . was going to eat peanut butter cereal and make mica-free mineral makeup and milk all day while watching some Wentworth Miller on this show that made me want to try out incarceration . . . a true ode-to-productivity day, yeah! . . . but what are twinks to do when their first cousin, part-time baby nurse, full-time funny and stand-up (comedian) gal talks about the practice of stuffing babies into multi-pocketed vests and incestuous tendencies in Iceland?

You know those people who are funny without trying? Who genuinely make funny look natural? She got all those genes in our family. If I come up with a cleverish remark, it’s five minutes after its place in the conversation. But, true go-getting style, I slip it in anyway. Then pity stares abound, chitter-chatter about my IQ, and I talk only to furry things for a week. On the other hand, pretty much every word that ever comes out of Britt Sanborn‘s mouth is of cry-you’re-laughing-so-hard quality, so I’d thought she was about to make a joke when she introduced me to the 5 s’s. I feel for her having to maintain a neutral expression at my social ineptitude, as I was already laughing when she merely asked, “Have you read The Happiest Baby on the Block?” Then I realized that was the one time in her life she wasn’t being funny. No, she was just saving my life.

I’m pulling from all crevices of my gray matter for something that rightfully sets you LOL-ing, but I’ve got nothing but my hair, and I’m not about to show you. So here’s my cousin, who might save your life (Hello, Icelanders . . .), or at least will make you laugh.

What Britt bit has you laughing hardest?

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  1. You are the best. Love the twinkies :)

  2. Funny stuff!

  3. “I didn’t lick it.” : D . . . Fart-blaming: we all do it, don’t we?

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