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Brilliance Abounds (Week 15)



Brilliance from this week:

“Hubs . . . I have an idea.”

“That’s dangerous.”


“Don’t bite my butt while I’m swaddling him!”Read more »

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I Think Things. Maybe. Actually I Don’t Really Think Anymore; That’s My Thing. (Week 14)



A day this week:

Yesterday when Daddy and I were checking out from Kohls, his zillion pairs of Dockers slung over his arm, you and a couple or twenty toys in my grasp, the cashier asked us an easy question:

“Zip code?”

Coolness, I love a good coupon; send away to 123 Not Telling My Address Online Rd., Smalltown, Missouri 6—-

“Oh, uh, gah. Crap. Good gah. Dude? Dude, what’s our zip code?”

Daddy and you lifted twin brows and turned to the cashier. He did the talking: “6—- is our zip code. Has been for”–he turned to me–”two years.”

“I was just testing you,” I said as we left the store.

Daddy put his arm around my shoulders and held the door for us. “Yeah, that was a toughie. Did you really forget our zip code?”Read more »

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