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It’s a Great Day to Be a Baby

sweet baby

I was livin’ in a gooey bodily cave,

Popped out and made everybody rave,

And it’s a goofy thing but I just gotta say,

Hey, I’m doing all right.

Yeah, I think I’ll make me a world-class poop;

Feelin’ pretty poopy and that’s the truth.

It’s entirely milk-induced.

Yeah, I’m doin’ all right.Read more »

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You Know, People, You’re Right. He’s Not Mine. He’s From the Stork That Made Off With Your Brain Cells (Week 9)



Little Guy, I’ve heard it again.

No, I’m not talking about the Is something rotting in here? and the implied Or is it just you? though I do hear that more than I’d like to admit.

I’m hearing, at the rate of that one little pipsqueak Usher wannabe and his nasally lyrics on the radio the question, ”Are you sure he’s yours?”


I’ve heard it at least ten times in the last, oh, ten days.


The dudes at the little hippie grocery store I frequent (read: live at) said they didn’t even know I was preggo, which is either a testament to (1) their lack of eyesight, (2) my raggedy sweatshirts, or (3) my overall normal physique perhaps resembling that of a impregnated person’s more than I’d realized.Read more »

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A Lil’ Extra Poundage

baby carrier

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