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Let’s Talk about Cervices

The sharer of my DNA never posts Facebook status, but she posted the below as her status, and I thought it best to post on this long-neglected cyber wasteland in order to temporarily bolster my perceived self-importance. I mean, who doesn’t want to know about my stubborn cervix? Nah–honestly, when women tell me their preggo and birth stories, I just want to grab their hands and sing that one song Bono sang about the world.Read more »

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Still Creating CO2 Here. Promise. Shout-Out to All Ye Pervs.

So, hi, Blog.

So sorry for neglecting you for so long.

So, babies have been growing. The biz has been growing. Our sleep debt has been growing. And we’ll soon update all you weirdos who land on this blog by googling “Faceboobs” and “Twins with nice legs” and “Twin violence” and “Craigslist nudes” because you’re probably our only readers. Ha.Read more »

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A Quarter of a Year Gone: Taxes and a Blog Post Due.



Well, Little Man, as your nap times have significantly decreased and your desire to run a marathon has multiplied by, like, a gazillion–and mommy’s sales have multiplied by, well, not a gazillion, but close . . . . ish–we’ve been busy-busy and kickin’-kickin’. My point is this:

You’re a doll,

Mommy doesn’t sleep (albeit you? Ten to twelve hours per night),

blogging about your cuteness is going to have to occur only once a month.

Photos of you are still in full-forever-swing, no worries. My poor Facebook friends.

A quick list of milestones this past (fourth) month:Read more »

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